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108 Divyadesams - The Temples of Lord Maha Vishnu in INDIA, Hymned by the all the 11 Alwars - Hamsams of Lord Maha Vishnu
108 vaishnava divya desams 108 Divyadesams - The Temples only where 11 Azhwars made the Mangalasaasanams - Divyadesam means a group of 108 Vishnu Temples on which all the Alwars (Azhwars), believed to be the Hamsams (Incarnations) of Lord Maha Vishnu, worshipped the ALMIGHTY as the presiding Deity with their Hymns called Pasurams. This method of worshipping the Deity with Hymns is known as Mangalaasaasanam. Among 108 Divyadesams, 105 are in India, 1 in Nepal. The reaming 2 in the Celestial Worldknown as Thirupparkadal and Thirupparamapatham. These Hymns are later gathered by the Great Saint Naadha Munigal whcih is being sung as NALAYIRA DIVYAPRABANDHAM - THE

UNIQUE FORM OF ADORATION OF THE DEITIES in all 108 DIVYADESAMS including the two in Celestial world. These verses are in Simple Tamil language explaining the extracts of Vedas, Upanishadhs, Bramma Sutra etc …Among all the 12 Alwars Only the 11 Alwars except Mathurakavi Alwar sung their Hymns on Lord Maha Vishnu in various Divyadesams, Where as Mathurakavi Alwar made his mangalaasaasnam only on his Guru Nammalwar. Mathurakavi Alwar Never Sung any Hymns on Lord Maha Vishnu on any of the Divyadesams. SRIRANGAM is the ONLY, FIRST AND FOREMOST among all the 108 Divyadesams on which all the Eleven Azhwars hymned to the total of 247 PASURAMS.. 108 divya desams of lord vishnu

108 divya desam perumal names TIRUMALA TIRUPATI is the SECOND DIVYADESAM hymned by 9 Azhwars and THIRUKKUDANTHAI SARANGAPANI TEMPLE in Kumbakonam is the THIRD DIVYADESAM which was Hymned by 7 Alwars. The Azhwars are believed to be the Hamsams of Lord Maha Vishnu and they were lived nearly 2500 years back. However some evidences like the referances they made, words and the vocubulary they used in their pasurams, which are worshipped as NALAYIRA DIVYAPRABANDHAM advocate that they lived in period between 6th & 9th centuries AD. Poigai Alwar is believed to be the Hamsam of Panchajanyam, the Conch of Vishnu. Boothathalwar is the Hamsam of Kaumathagi, the Mace.

Peyalwar is believed to be the Hamsam of Nandhakam, the Sword of Vishnu. These 3 Alwars are being worshipped as Muthal Alwarkal. Thirumazhisai Alwar is the Hamsam of Sudharshana Chakra. Nammalwar is the Hamsam of Senai Mudhalvar. Madhurakvi Alwar is the Hamsam of Vainatheya. Kulasekara Alwar is the Hamsam of Kausthubam, one of the Ornaments of Lord Vishnu. Periyalwar is the Hamsam of Periya Thiruvadi Garudalwar. Sree Andal is the Hamsam of Bhoomi Devi where as Thondaradipodi Alwar is the Hamsam of Vanamalai, the Crown of Maha Vishnu. Thiruppan Alwar is the Hamsam of Sreevalsam, a Mole on Lord Vishnu's Chest. Thirumangai Alwar is the Hamsam of Sarangam. 108 divya desam temples location

Divyadesams near Tirunelveli

THE LOCATIONS OF 108 DIVYADESAMS - Among the 106 Divyadesams in this material world, 82 Divyadesams are in Tamilnadu, 13 Divyadesams are in Kerala and the remaining 11 Divyadesams are in North India grouped as Vada Nadu Divyadesams and the remaining 95 Divyadesams are in South India 82 are located in Tamilnadu which are grouped as 40 Chozha Nadu Divyadesams around Trichy and Kumbakonam. 2 Nadu Nadu Divyadesams nearby Cuddalore. 18 Pandiya Nadu Divyadesams in Madurai and Tirunelveli. 22 Thondai Nadu Divyadesams are in Kanchipuram and Chennai. 13 Malainadu Divyadesams are situated in Nagercoil, Trivandrum, Cochin and Guruvayur.

Nalaayira Divyaprabandham - A Tamil Veda for Sri Vaishnavites - Sri Vaishnavas consider Nalaayira Divyaprabandham as holy as Vedas and they call it as Tamil Veda. Over a period time all the hymns sung by all the 12 Azhwars were lost somehow. One fine day, when a Sree Vaishnava Saint named Nadhamunigal were worshipping the ALMIGHTY at Thirukkudanthai Divyadesam familiarly worshipped Sarangapani Temple in Kumbakonam, Tanjore District. At that he had a chance to hear some of the pasurams starting with “Aaraa Amudhe“ by some devotees in the temple premise. He was very much attracted by those pasurams. He asked the devotee about the rest of pasurams but he had no idea

108 Divyadesams Tirunelveli

Kumbakonam Divyadesams Temples Route Map and knowing only few that too not even grouped. Nadhamunigal had a thrust to collect all the pasurams and started searching for. He then heard that descendants of Madhurakavi Azhwar were having some hymns. He went all te way to Thirukkovilur and collected those hymns starting with “Kanninum Sirithambu”. At that time Nammazhwar appeared before him as a old man. He tested Nadhamuni vigorously. Finally he got pleased about the devotion he was having and gave him all the pasurams, which were then compiled as Nalayira Divyaprabandham in which the Eleven Alwars praised, described and worshipped the ALMIGHTY as a BABY, FRINED, CONSORT AND AS A SERVANT.



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